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Interested in Joining the Wrestling Team?


Why you should wrestle

1. Wrestling develops basic athletic skills

2. Wrestling develops personal responsibility

3. Wrestling develops mental toughness

4. Wrestling teaches about nutrition and weight maintenance

5. Wrestling brings kids together and builds a strong camaraderie

6. Wrestling develops discipline

7. Wrestling brings different cultures and countries together

8. Wrestling teaches an individual how to focus on something and master it

9. Wrestling provides opportunities to further education

10. Wrestling is fun


We are looking for motivated young men and women, mainly freshman, sophomores, and juniors, that are interested in a challenge. 


If you weigh between 85 and 300 pounds, we want you!


You will get stronger, faster, build self-confidence and make new friends.


If you are interested in wrestling, then see Coach Loeffler in room in room A813 or e-mail him at


Practices are Monday-Friday from 2:30-5:00 in the wrestling room.



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